An Afternoon with Aliza Licht

Photo by Vithaya Photography

Photo by Vithaya Photography

MAJOR FANGIRL ALERT - I am totally smitten with this PR/social media mongul. I started following her when Gossip Girl was in its prime. DKNY's twitter handle (aka Aliza) would live-tweet each episode as I would LOL at her commentary on Serena's messy hair and the intense character romances.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when DKNY's very own PR Girl swung by Tysons Galleria to celebrate its 25th anniversary. During a Q&A with DC Modern Luxury's Michael McCarthy, Aliza let us all in on how she got started in the fashion industry, queued us in on her favorite fall trends and posed for photos with fans afterwards. 

Before getting her start at Washingtonian Magazine, Aliza had envisioned herself becoming a plastic surgeon. After realizing that her creativity and fashion sense weren’t welcome in that industry, she switched majors...after being in the program for three years.

That takes guts. I wholly believe in people being true to their talents and passions. But it’s not easy when you’ve committed to years in a major across campus. Yet, she did it and that’s just ONE of the many reasons why she’s my ultimate heroine.

In 1998, she started at DKNY and the rest is history. Later, she helped launch the brand’s social media presence and humanized the brand that so many love and adore. At first, the person behind the tweets and posts was a mystery (very Gossip Girl). Then, a few years ago, Aliza came out as the mysterious girl behind the brand via youtube.

While visiting, she also shared her favorite fall trends (leopard print, over-the-knee boots, and gold), that you won’t find her in a pencil skirt, and that her morning routine includes pressing the snooze button multiple times. 

Says Aliza, “Not everyone weighs 110 pounds and attends Oscar parties. We wanted to show a brand that people could actually relate to.” 

Not only has she made the brand relatable, but she is totally the sweetest person ever. As I introduced myself, I was fumbling over my words and it was loud so I was stammering through my sentences and she was STILL super cool about it. And gave me a hug. It was pretty much the most awesome moment ever.

Aliza was charming, gracious and REAL. She's the kind of girl who could stun a room with her style but be your best friend at the same time. Aliza, you can be my best friend ANY DAY. 

On Julien - Skirt: Phillip Lim for Target, LOFT blouse, Bag: Longchamp, Bracelet: Marc Jacobs (similar)

Photo by Vithaya Photography

Photo by Vithaya Photography

Photo by Vithaya Photography

Photo by Vithaya Photography