DIY Yarn Wreath

Prepping to have guests over for the holidays? We have a DIY yarn wreath that will have your friends and family thinking you're taking Martha Stewart's job.

I was assigned to craft duty for Thanksgiving and our family had such a blast creating unique wreaths. Take a look at some of our designs below for inspiration and keep scrolling for the materials and instructions!

Happy crafting! (Craft adapted from Better Homes and Gardens)


What you'll need:    
    ▪    10-inch green hard foam wreath
    ▪    Skein of worsted yarn (approximately 250 feet)
    ▪    Felt: two 5-inch squares of red, one 5-inch square of light olive, and one 3-inch square of dark olive (optional)
    ▪    Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
    ▪    One pack of needle pearls
    ▪    Florist's pick with red and green berries (optional)

1. Wrap the green hard foam wreath with yard, hot-gluing yarn ends to the back.

2. Trace the downloadable patterns from Better Homes and Gardens onto white paper and cut out. Cut four large circles from red felt, two small circles from light olive felt, and one leaf each from light olive and dark olive felt.

3. Referring to the patterns, draw a spiral on the wrong side of each circle using the disappearing-ink fabric marker. 

4. Cut a spiral on one red felt circle.

5. Stick the pearl needle into center of each rose (do it at a slant to avoid poking through). Then if you'd like, pin the florist's pick, leaves, and roses to the wreath front. When you are pleased with the arrangement, hot-glue pieces in place.