Red Lips and Blue Nile

I'm not sure you guys are ready for this next giveaway. It is THAT epic.

We are giving away a $50 gift card to one of my favorite online jewelers, Blue Nile! Let me just say up front, I used to be wary about ordering jewelry online - then the hubs and I found THIS gorgeous wedding ring and the rest is history!

Let me tell you, I searched for MONTHS for the perfect ring.Finding the infinity ring at a great price was *so* totally amazing. I've been a fan of Blue Nile ever since. If you're having a hard time finding the perfect piece, their Leave Nothing to Chance quiz will help you find something just right for you. I took the quiz and ended up with the "timeless original" style, which is spot-on to my clothing style as well. 

So when I found out that Blue Nile was sending Capitally Frugal and I something special, I scared my dog half to death with the high pitch screams. Their gift did not disappoint. Check out how I styled their arrow necklace (with my new Smashbox red lipstick and DKNY Cozy) and enter to win the gift card for Blue Nile below!