Thoughts on Beauty

After seeing this post by a makeup-less Katherine Webb on Instagram last week, I was inspired to share my thoughts on beauty, and give you a glimpse of a few makeup-less photos of my own from my trip to Florida.

If you've seen any of my blogposts, it's obvious that I can be quite the girly girl. You won't find too many backwards-cap photos of me (unless you hunt down my middle school photos, and I think everyone would be better off not seeing my fast-and-the-furious years.) And I love makeup. Curling my hair and getting all dolled up is SO much fun.

That being said, there are days when I don't even brush my hair (see photos below for reference.) There are days (Sundays, mostly) where I don't care to pretty myself up for an in-house marathon of House of Cards. 

I think in growing up, I'm learning to be more comfortable in my skin. 

No, I haven't been to the gym in weeks (ok, months). 
Yes, I have the kind of skin that dries out one day and is gaining an army of blackheads the next. 
Yes, someone once asked me if I had broken my nose (no I have not.)

And while I believe we should constantly work to improve ourselves, I also believe in feeling beautiful with who you are. Society always tries to dictate the definition of beauty, and I'm ready to take that back into our own hands. If you want to get dreadlocks and wear red lipstick everyday, that's beautiful. If you want to embrace your natural features with no makeup at all, that's beautiful too.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Outfit details: Skirt, Martin & Osa (similar from ASOS here.) Shirt, Banana Republic (similar from JCREW Factory here.) Belt, JCREW Factory (similar here.)