Boss Lady Bags

Living near the city is fantastic for so many reasons - the energy of the young professionals, the terrific lunch options and the ease of transportation. Yet, not everyone works right next to the metro or even a short walk from the bus stop, leaving the commuting girl with a big problem. How does she lug around all her stuff while still looking chic?

I received this question from a reader:  

Q. I walk to work every day and it's about a mile each way. I love it but it's seriously limiting my current closet. My current problem is that I carry a very cute but quite unprofessional bright red canvas backpack. I want to up my bag game but I need something that isn't going to hurt my back or shoulders during my commute and can also fit my MacBook Air.  I have plenty of other pedestrian style issues but this is the one that is killing me! Any advice? - Lucky

A. Lucky, you’re in luck! Neiman Marcus Last Call is having a huge sale right now and I found a bunch of bags that will fit your laptop, have a chic vibe, and won’t break your back. For comfort, I’m leaning towards the backpacks, but I included a few totes from the sale as well. Sale ends 8 AM on April 30 CT. Good luck!

Also, if you’re in town, my good friend Meaghan of District Sparkle is hosting a fun event at Last Call in Mosaic District this Thursday from 6-8! The discounts continue with at least $15 off per purchase, so bring a friend or five. Friends don't let friends miss out on sales, you guys.


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