Friday Eats

It's Friday and you know what that means. IT IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND, EVERYONE!! Check out a few of my favorite recipes from the past few weeks and let me know which ones you try this weekend (the chocolate banana muffins are soooo good, you guys.)

1. Roasted Grapes via Eat Style Play (because is there anything better than cheese, bread and fruit?)
2. Mac and Cheese with Brie via A Daily Something (drooling as I type this)
3. Chocolate Banana Muffins via A Daily Something (so I made these and they are amazing! Hubs was impressed.)
4. Strawberry Sage Mascarpone via Cupcakes for Breakfast (in the summer, strawberry is a major food group for me)
5. Avocados with Cranberry Dressing via Healthfully Ever After (basically a salad but better)