My Summer Hair Essentials

Summer has officially arrived and with it, the oh-so-glorious humidity. It’s the time of year when my baby curls come out from hibernation and grace me with their ever-present presence. 

Let me be real honest with you. It takes an ARMY. No, not a army of people (although that would be awesome) but an army of products. And today, I’m giving you the low down on all my faves.


1. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product, $15.49
Ok, literally would not survive without this. Ok, not literally, but basically literally. I tried it on a whim and now I’m never going back. It makes it so much easier to brunch my hair and keeps it soft all day long. Get the big bottle. It’s worth it.

2. Moroccan Oil, $14.80-$43
I throw this onto the ends of my hair after I’ve showered and let my hair air dry just a tad. It leaves just enough shine but not enough to look greasy. And even after MONTHS (not even going to tell you how many it’s THAT embarrassing) of not going to the salon, my hair is still sans-split ends.

3. Oribe Shampoo, $39
This is one of my biggest beauty splurges but I can’t help it. It smells SO good and makes my hair feel like I just got it professionally done. It’s especially great for colored hair (which I will THANKFULLY be getting done next week EEP! STAY TUNED) and is literally the best shampoo I’ve ever used. Ever. 

4. Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo, $4.99
A few months ago, I discovered you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. I know, so late to the game, per usual. Working out regularly doesn’t really allow for unwashed hair, but on days that I forgo working out for doing my hair, this is a life saver. It also adds a bit of texture, which is perfect for my go-to beachy waves. 

5. Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots, $38
Just like you need water after running a few miles, your hair needs to be hydrated after we abuse it with blow-drying and curling it each week. I recently tried this hydrating shot from Drybar and I’m obsessed. Just like the rest of their products, the smell is heavenly. But even better is how it made my hair feel. It remained silky smooth for a week - almost like my hair was thanking me for taking such good care of it. These come in packs of four so you’re good for a whole month. And you don’t have to worry about “how much should I use” because you just spray the entire little bottle on your head. Your hair will love you long time.

6. The Wet Brush, $8
Speaking of brushes, this one really deserves its own post. I used to struggggleeee brushing my hair in the AM with regular brushes, went through a phase of trying to just use a comb (??) and finally met the Mr. Right. I had heard people rave about it, so when I spotted it, I almost had to do a double take. This isn’t anything fancy, people. It’s only $____ but has made my morning routine significantly *smoother* if ya get my drift.

7. Southern Comfort in a Box, $48
You guys know I love saving money. While I don’t mind spending it on really quality items, I certainly opt to save. This box is the best of both worlds. You get $68 worth of products for $48, and a ton of my favorite Drybar goodies inside. I religiously use The Sheriff hairspray and people have legitimately commented on how good my hair spells. With this insane DC humidity, these products are the key to full-bodied hair happiness.