Weekend Snaps

You know those weekends when you have everything planned? And yet nothing goes according to plan? This was my weekend.

I had all these grand plans to set up our garden (as one normally does,) have dinner with my mom Saturday night then go for a bike ride on Sunday. But after our trip to the farmer's market to pick out our plants on Saturday morning, the hubs got a work call in about an emergency that needed to be fixed in Virginia Beach. So we rushed home, packed and ate in under 10 minutes (still don't know how that even happened) and we were on our way! 

Despite the fact that I hate change, we had a really fun mini-vacation down at Virginia Beach. If you follow along on snapchat (username: JULIENGARMAN) you got to see all the behind the scenes adventures! But in case you missed it, here are a few snaps from our trip!