The Spray Tanning Diaries

Have you gotten a spray tan before? Read below to hear about my adventures in spray tanning and enter to win a spray tan of your own at the bottom!

6:00 PM: Getting super excited to finally feel tan. This DC weather is killing me - it’s either too hot or rainy to lay out at my pool. 

6:15: Had a flashback to this episode of FRIENDS where Ross gets a tan. Rethinking this whole thing.

6:30: I arrive at Palm Beach Tan. Realize that I only have my commuter tennis shoes in my car. They’re kind of raggedy and can’t hide them because I’m wearing a dress. Panic.

6:32: I walk into the tanning salon. I’m afraid they’d see through my translucent skin since everyone in the room is glistening with tan-ness, but luckily someone calls me over to the counter.

6:35: The counter lady suggests I buy the $10 sample of tanning lotion to make the spray tan last longer. I pass.

6:40: The woman walks me to the tanning machine and gives me instructions. Press the green button, got it. Put on the goggles (skipping that one). Put in the nose plugs (whaaaaa…) but I do it anyway. Wait for the machine to pre-cleanse, then get in. 

6:42: I ask the desk girl to take a ‘before’ photo of me. She does and I look stupid so I take a selfie when she leaves. 

6:45: I get into the machine and the spray tan begins. 3…2…1…(I kid you not, I felt a very real Hunger Games fear right then) and it hits me. Cold, cold cold spray and I close my eyes as fast as I can. 

6:46: It tells me to put my right foot on the 2 and my left on the 3. Feels like Twister without the bending over and back pain, yay!

6:50: The talking machine tells me my spray tan is done. I feel kind of sticky and gross but I’m stoked to start looking like a beach babe.

6:55: I walk out and the girl at the counter reminds me to wash my hands and feet after an hour. I make a mental note but def should have written it down.

I didn’t shower that night so the tan would seep into my skin (sounds like a teen sci-fi movie, right?!)  The tan did not rub off on my sheets (PHEW) nor did it run off in the shower (HOLLA!) Yes, my feet are discolored since I didn’t follow directions, BUT it’s a small price to pay to look like I just got back from Mexico. I MEAN - I did just get back from Mexico………

Has the DC weather been bumming you out too? No worries, I’m giving away a FREE spray tan at any location that offers Mystic Tan (find the closest one to you here!) You have until next Wednesday at 11:59 PM to enter - good luck!

Thanks so much to Sunless, Inc. for sponsoring this giveaway and providing me with a Mystic Tan spray tan to try! As always, all opinions are my own.