Cute Dogs Playing with Toys

Happy snow day! Well, for some. For others (like myself), it’s a day of enjoying the snow-clad trees and roads from their car. Whether you’re still in your pajamas or dared to brave those cold, cold winds, I have a delightful treat for you.

JAKKS Pacific, a leading toys and consumer products company based in Malibu, emailed me around Christmas, wanting to send a few dog toys for our little Dallas. (And when I say little, I mean he’s a 5-year old lab mix with short, adorable legs.) Not only was I thrilled to know that my stocking stuffer duties as dog mom would be fulfilled, but I learned that JAKKS Pacific has donated over $50 million in toys, school supplies and money to millions of children all over the world. They were even featured on the Today show (LOVE the Today Show) for their philanthropic aid. So in short, they’re pretty awesome. 

Now…if you have a dog that loves sqeaky toys, you know that the trend of ripping apart a stuffed animal to find their sqeaker is quite a common occurrence. In fact, this process happens in mere minutes if we don’t get a toy durable enough for Dallas’ excitement. So, obviously, I was totally stoked upon learning that the JAKKS Pacific dog toys are near impossible to rip apart. Score for dog mom.

I’ll quit talking and let Dallas show you how much he loved his Christmas toys from JAKKS Pacific. On this snow day, I hope you adore these puppy photos (and video at the bottom!) as much as I enjoyed talking them. (Oh, my brother-and-sister-in-law’s adorable pup is making a guest appearance playing with his new toy too!)